Analyst: Box Office Shows Customers Are Tired Of 3D, High Ticket Prices

An analyst says the lower-than-expected box office performance by Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is a sign that the 3D gimmick and its accompanying higher ticket prices may be coaxing customers to stay home rather than cough up more dough.

Deadline quotes an analyst from a Wall Street firm who says the movie would have made more had more of its showings been in 2D rather than 3D.

The analyst points to figures that show the movie pulled in only 38 percent of its $90 million box office gross from non-IMAX 3D screenings, down from percentages above 50 percent from some of last year’s 3D family films. The analyst says small children refuse to wear 3D glasses, and more viewers in general would rather save money and see the movie in 2D rather than spring for the extra cash. He estimates that non-IMAX 3D movie tickets cost an average of $10.85 while 2D tickets are $7.60.

Do 3D movies still appeal to you, or would you rather pay less to see a movie in 2D?

Analyst: ‘Pirates’ Was Hurt By 3D As Consumers Tire Of High Ticket Prices [Deadline]

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