Fast Food Mini Sizes Could Help In The National Battle Of The Bulge

Americans are used to super-sizing things by now, a fast food tactic many point to as a catalyst in the country’s obesity epidemic. But there’s a new trend on the scene, and hopefully this one will tip the scales in the opposite direction — mini-sizing.

Bloomberg reports on the option offered by restaurants and chains like Dairy Queen to offer customers a smaller portion of beloved treats like the Blizzard. For those who don’t want to down all the calories in a small size of the ice cream dessert, DQ has a 7-ounce mini size at half the calories of the 12-ounce.

Starbucks has also jumped on the tiny train, launching their “petite” line of desserts for just a little bite of something sweet instead of belt-busting larger options.

Even calorie-lovers like McDonalds are trying out to keep your waistline trim, if that’s what you’re after, testing out chicken bites in Detroit and hawking Angus snack wraps. Of course, calling it a “snack” instead of advertising it as a full meal means a consumer could justify eating the full-size burger as well.

Mini-Size Trend’s Tiny Treats Bulk Up Dairy Queen’s Bottom Line [Bloomberg]