New PS3 Problems: Network Login Exploit, Overheating Consoles

Sony’s run of bad luck continues. Following the three-weeks-and-change PlayStation Network outage and accompanying data breach, Sony dealt with potentially compromised PSN website logins and reports of systems overheating when playing a popular new game.

On its PlayStation Blog, a Sony spokesman says Sony had to take down its PSN website because of an exploit that could potentially allow outsiders to break into accounts.

Also, Destructoid reports the detective yarn L.A. Noire has proven to be hot not only in sales figures and critical buzz, but also in degrees Fahrenheit. The post cited a since-removed support page from the game publisher that says the game has caused some older-model PS3s to overheat and shut down. The post said there have been similar problems with other games, and that the overheating may go hand in hand with Sony’s recent firmware update.

Have you had problems changing your PSN password or playing L.A. Noire after updating the system?

Update on PSN Password Reset Process [PlayStation Blog]

L.A. Noire causing PS3s with latest Firmware to overheat? [Destructoid]

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