Gag Me Or Gimme More? KFC China's Irish Cream Chicken

Add this to the growing list of menu items available only to our overseas fast food friends: KFC chicken doused or somehow flavored with an Irish cream liqueur, only available at KFC China.

The product, advertised in the TV spot below, is apparently part of KFC China’s “Taste of Ireland” promotion. And though you can’t see what specifically is being splashed on the chicken in the ad, it definitely resembles Bailey’s Irish Cream.

A commenter over at claims to have tasted this concoction and reports back: “I found it expensive and not tasty at all. The taste was a strange combination of spicy chicken and sweetness, but not in a sweet chilli sauce way… I wouldn’t recommend it.”

But we want to know if this is something that tempts any stateside taste buds. Please do share your opinions in the comments.

Drunken Master: KFC China Tastes Ireland, Hits the Bottle []

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