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Chinese KFC Lets Customers Pay By Smiling At A Screen

You can use your face to check bags for a flight or board an airplane, and now at one KFC in China, you can pay for your food by smiling at a screen. [More]

Steve Jurvetson

Chinese Nationalists Protest KFC As Symbol Of All Things American

Last week, an international tribunal in the Hague, Netherlands decided in favor of the Philippines on the question of whether China has sovereignty over the South China Sea. The dispute began when China claimed a reef that both countries believe is part of their own territofy. The problem is that Chinese nationalists are taking their anger at the decision out on KFC< a popular restaurant there and a handy symbol of American overreach. [More]

Gag Me Or Gimme More? KFC China's Irish Cream Chicken

Gag Me Or Gimme More? KFC China's Irish Cream Chicken

Add this to the growing list of menu items available only to our overseas fast food friends: KFC chicken doused or somehow flavored with an Irish cream liqueur, only available at KFC China. [More]