Get A Free Inhaler From Coal Cares

May is Asthma Awareness Month and you can celebrate it with a free asthma inhaler courtesy of Coal Cares. They’ve put together a fun and informative site to help teach kids that inhalers are cool, and so is coal!

In the FAQ, the website explains that rather install expensive “scrubbers” on the top of coal plants, “Locating the filtering mechanism at the point of consumption (i.e., your child’s mouth) is dramatically more cost-effective than locating it at the point of emission (smokestacks), and in turn means less need for intrusive and costly regulation.”

Don’t forget to stop by the Kidz Koal Korner to download free PDFs with fun and games, like the Asthmaze where you help Jimmy navigate and find his inhaler.

(In case you haven’t figured out already, the whole site is a parody campaign put out by corporate pranksters The Yes Men.) [“Official” Site]

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