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Get A Free Inhaler From Coal Cares

Get A Free Inhaler From Coal Cares

May is Asthma Awareness Month and you can celebrate it with a free asthma inhaler courtesy of Coal Cares. They’ve put together a fun and informative site to help teach kids that inhalers are cool, and so is coal!


What Goes Into The Price Of Gas?

What Goes Into The Price Of Gas?

When you fill up at the pump, how much of the wallet you’re emptying goes towards the actual gas, and how much goes towards other stuff? Blogger FiveCentNickel crunched the Department of Energy numbers:

What’s The Best Alternative Fuel For Your Buck?

Will you be fueling your car on used french fry oils in a few years? Will you plunk a bushel of corn into your auto’s Mr. Fusion? Or will you simply urinate into the tank — the trucker’s dream technology?