Sprint Takes Out Satirical Ad Against AT&T T-Mobile Deal

Sprint really is not fond of the proposed AT&T and T-mobile merger. This week they ran an ad in some papers and on political websites that was a takeoff on T-mobile’s recent ads. They feature an older shaggy businessman with a cigar wearing a pink dress like the one sported by the gal in the T-mobile ads. The man looks very similar to the one T-mobile used to depict AT&T in their ads mocking their rival before the merger was proposed.

So slap ’em together and what do you get? Instant politico-business satire! “No matter how you dress it up, this takeover is bad for consumers and the economy. Tell Congress to help stop AT&T’s takeover of T-Mobile.” Zing!

The ad ran in the National Journal Daily, Politico, Roll Call, and newspapers in the hometowns of several of the committee members at the Senate hearing today to discuss the proposed merger.

However, not everyone found the piece of collateral amusing. The ad was pulled after complaints from the transgendered community which called it transphobic. I guess they never saw this Apple ad.

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