LastPass: Hackers Maybe Stole Info From 1.25 Million Accounts

Listen up if you’ve got an account with LastPass, a company that is designed to keep your passwords to multiple sites safe: The company says hackers may have gotten into their database and snatched information from up to 1.25 million customers.

LastPass’ appeal is that instead of remembering all of your online banking, eBay, credit card sites and others, you simply have one password for LastPass and it does all that remembering for you. So it’s pretty worrisome if someone has access to all of that data.

The site urged its customers to change their master passwords after they noticed the potential security breach, a report from Bloomberg indicates. It’s still unknown how successful the thieves have been at getting into the LastPass network, so consumers aren’t sure just how much to freak out yet.

It seems to be de rigeur these days for large companies to fall under attack from hackers. From Sony’s network breach to the email addresses of millions of Best Buy, Kroger and other consumers being leaked to third parties.

Meanwhile, that box of money you hid in the freezer? It’s probably fine.

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LastPass Says Hackers May Have Stolen Passwords for 1.25 Million Customers [Bloomberg]

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