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Verizon: Yahoo Has To Prove Impact Of Data Breach Isn’t “Material”

It sounds like Yahoo has some explaining to do if it wants Verizon to go ahead with the $4.8 billion deal to buy its internet business: Verizon says it’s inclined to declare the impact of the massive data breach that affected at least 500 million Yahoo users as a “material” event. [More]


IRS Issued $11 Billion In Improper Refund Payments, Is Totally In Trouble With Mom

Someone’s got some explaining to do: the Internal Revenue Service sent out about $11.6 billion in payments it shouldn’t have, through the Earned Income Tax Credit program last year, according to a report by the inspector general. This isn’t going over well with its parents at the White House because that is way more than its allowance. [More]

LastPass: Hackers Maybe Stole Info From 1.25 Million Accounts

LastPass: Hackers Maybe Stole Info From 1.25 Million Accounts

Listen up if you’ve got an account with LastPass, a company that is designed to keep your passwords to multiple sites safe: The company says hackers may have gotten into their database and snatched information from up to 1.25 million customers. [More]