Higher Gas Prices Leading To Increase In Stranded Drivers With Empty Gas Tanks

Now that it’s more expensive to fill up your gas tank than it is to take a family of six out to the movies, folks are trying to stretch that fuel dollar as thin as they possibly can. Unfortunately this has led to a jump in the number of stranded motorists in need of a few drops just to get them to the next gas station.

The Philadelphia Inquirer talked to the folks at AAA MidAtlantic, who say that the number of calls to help out-of-gas driver has gone up 20% since April 2010, and 10 to 15% since February alone.

AAA warns that, in addition to being stuck out on the highway waiting for a tow truck, consistently running near-empty can hit you in the wallet when your car runs into other problems.

“Trying to save a few pennies on gas there can cost hundreds of dollars in engine repairs down the road,” a rep for AAA tells the Inquirer.

Driver’s Seat: Running gas tank nearly dry is false economizing [Philly.com]

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