Have 342 People Died From Storms Lately? Sears Can Help You Clean Up!

Devastating storms have ripped across the country in the past few weeks, leaving at least 342 dead and entire blocks and houses demolished. As a home appliance retailer, what’s your first thought? That’s right, targeted upsell. Several of our readers have sent in this email they got from Sears which says “Affected by the storm? Sears can help you clean up,” and then displays the wet vacs, chainsaws and generators you can buy. The 10% off Sears water extraction service could come in handy, but the email struck some of our readers as being in poor taste.

“With the tragedy going on in the Southeast, I honestly don’t find this type of marketing appropriate,” wrote reader Bill.

Here’s the link to the full email so you can decide for yourself.

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