Words You're Not Allowed To Type While Playing Mortal Kombat

Gamers who play Mortal Kombat can communicate online via text chat, but the game prevents you from using certain words and phrases. While it’s common for developers to restrict certain vulgarities, what’s unusual about this case is hackers have apparently exposed what exactly these words are.

The full list is posted on Lo-Ping lists the exhaustive, in many cases creative restrictions, which include a host of NSFW language, but more than a few head-scratchers, such as “murder,” “Niger,” “satanic” and “welfare rat.”

The list is the most exhaustive collection of swear words, ethnic slurs and misspelled insults I’ve ever seen. The game, by the way, is rated M — the video game equivalent of an R — and includes copious blood and dismemberment.

Config Data for MK9 for PS3 [Lo-Ping via Kotaku]

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