Find Your Stolen Camera By Searching Web For Uploaded Pictures From It

The descriptively named helps you track down your stolen fancy digital camera. Just drag and drop photos from your camera before it was stolen onto the box on the website. The site then scans scraped databases for the EXIF data embedded in the picture to locate other photos encoded with your same serial number. If there’s a hit, that person might have your camera.

This of course only works if your camera encodes EXIF data onto the digital images, which only tends to be case with the more expensive models. But that’s exactly the kind you would be most keen to get back, so it all works out.

The question is, once you have that information, what do you do with it? Well, if the photos are attached to someone’s profile, you can use that as the starting place to try to contact them. You can send a message through the same online service, or build a profile and use your sleuthing skills to track them down by other means.

stolencamerafinder [Official Site]

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