P&G Coupon Book Full Of Delightfully Stereotypical "Mom" Imagery, And Savings!

A packet of “mom”-centered P&G coupons landed in Post Punk Kitchen forum member raspberrycomplaint’s mailbox and she found the ad copy and images pretty amusing. She posted several of the pages along with her commentary, like the one of a wife feeding her husband snacks. “At the end of the day, I get supper on the table. My husband refuses to use utensils. He says that’s what I’m here for, and makes me hand feed him his supper, one bite at a time. I just feel so proud that I can be useful to him. That’s a woman’s job.” It’s all very facetious and snarky and worth a good chuckle, but it makes you wonder who comes up with this stuff.

Because of ME [Post Punk Kitchen] (Thanks to Brandy!)

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