5,250 Pounds Of Potatoes, 1,700 Pounds Of Ground Beef & One Gallon Of Relish: One Week's Worth Of Stuff At Five Guys

Have you ever been chowing down on a burger and wondered about all the beef, bread, condiments and potatoes that the restaurant goes through in week? Well even if you haven’t, the people at Eater DC were curious enough to get a behind-the-scenes look at one Five Guys restaurant in our nation’s capital.

The single biggest number on the list is the 5,250 pounds of potatoes that the Five Guys in DC’s McPherson Square cooks up every week. That’s more than triple the 1,700 pounds of ground beef it uses. It also required nearly 600 pounds of peanut oil to cook up those fries.

Of ancillary burger items, the weekly amount of tomatoes and onions each totaled around 350 pounds while bacon was next with 262 pounds (assuming that’s pre-cooked weight).

For condiments, ketchup was king with 78 gallons, with A-1, BBQ sauce and hot sauce each only requiring 1.5 gallons. Poor relish gets even less love with a mere gallon used each week.

Check out the entire list, along with photos of the bulk ingredients, over at Eater DC.

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