Quick, Easy DIY Home Maintenance Tips

By expending a little effort to keep your stuff in good condition, you can save yourself the pain of costly repairs or replacements.

PartSelect offers several easy ways to keep things well-maintained.

Here are our favorites:

*Make sure your oven is sealed properly. Check the rubber gasket along the perimeter of the door to make sure it’s free of cracks or warping. If your gasket isn’t properly sealing your oven, you could be losing heat, so you should replace the part.

*Clean refrigerator coils once or twice a year. Check beneath the kickplate or behind the fridge for the coils, which tend to attract scum buildups that can hinder performance. A handheld vacuum can clean it up quickly.

*Replace your air conditioner filter. If the front panel of your air conditioner is removable, take it off and run a vacuum over a reusable filter. If the filter is disposable, replace it every two to four weeks to ensure your AC runs efficiently.

What easy home maintenance rituals have served you well?

10 Maintenance Tips You Can Do In Under 10 Minutes [PartSelect]
(Thanks, Denise!)

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