Win $5,000 Scholarship For Wearing Duct Tape To Prom

For those of us not lucky enough to be born poor or smart, there are tons of other scholarships out there that reward uniqueness, skills and “just being yourself.” For instance, there’s the $5,000 you and your date could win for wearing an outfit made of Duct Tape to prom.

Speaking of things that sound like “duct,” you could also win $2,000 for being really good at duck calls. And if the only discernible skill you have is a preternatural talent for scarfing down sandwiches, there’s an award for that too: $25,000 for coming up with the most creative peanut butter sandwich. Last year’s winner combined peanut butter, grapes, apples, and chicken in a lettuce wrap, which sounds tasty but I’m sure has rarely appeared in a kid’s brown-bagged school lunch.

With the cost of college these days and schools afraid to drop tuition lest they appear “less exclusive,” every bit helps. Even the crust.

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