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5 Home Repairs To Make Now To Avoid Problems Later

If you put off fixing a wobbly fence post or squeaky door hinge, it’s probably not going to end in a homeowners insurance claim. Other home repairs, if left unchecked, can quickly domino into major disasters. Water is a factor—if not the primary cause—in the majority of high-risk situations. Here’s how to identify priority home repairs and handle them at their source: [More]

The three co-hosts of the Spike TV show, Adam Carolla, Alison Bedell, and Skip Bedell.

Contractor Sues Spike TV’s “Catch A Contractor” For False Imprisonment, Defamation

Spike TV show “Catch a Contractor” uses the infamous model of NBC’s “To Catch a Predator,” but instead of snaring creepy men with the promise of an underage female, the Spike show lures in contractors “who have done their clients wrong” by posing as a new customer. But one contractor featured on the show says he was forced to sign a release for the show under duress and that the show unfairly portrayed his participation. [More]

How To Not Suck… At Home Inspections

How To Not Suck… At Home Inspections

You’ve finally found that perfect home. A white picket fence. A pretty flower garden. That’s what it looks like to the untrained eye. But that perfect home could be filled with all kinds of trouble — poorly installed insulation, foundation problems, sub-par electrical work, infestations of termites and mice. Even a savvy home-shopper can miss hidden problems in homes. Put away your macho. No matter how handy you may be, a home inspection isn’t something that fits in the DIY category. Spending a few hundred bucks now on a qualified home inspector can save you tens of thousands later. [More]


Handyman Sells Vouchers Through LivingSocial, Now Won’t Pick Up The Phone

Sara thought that a LivingSocial deal for two hours of handyman service seemed like a good deal, and bought it. That was in June. Since then, she’s been trying to actually use the handyman hours that she purchased. The company sold so many vouchers that they were booked up until sometime after the apocalypse. She turned to LivingSocial for help or for a refund, and got neither. UPDATE: She has received a refund after extensively pestering LivingSocial. [More]

Relieve Doors Of Their Stickiness With The Turn Of A Screw

If you’ve got a door that sticks when you try to close it, there are better ways to deal with it than slamming it in anger or cursing at it when it refuses to close all the way. You could go the textbook route and remove the door, sand it and remount it, or you could just try a simple trick that could save you all that work. [More]

Quick, Easy DIY Home Maintenance Tips

Quick, Easy DIY Home Maintenance Tips

By expending a little effort to keep your stuff in good condition, you can save yourself the pain of costly repairs or replacements. [More]

How Can I Get My Fridge Fixed If I'm Never Home?

How Can I Get My Fridge Fixed If I'm Never Home?

S. rents a house in Florida, and the refrigerator needs repair. Her dilemma is that her landlord wants to use a specific repairman, who is only available when S. and the rest of her household aren’t available to wait around. The landlord has offered to let the repairman in, but S. isn’t comfortable with having anyone in her home when she’s not around. What would you do? [More]