Delta Introduces Online Tracking For Baggage

Next time you’re getting off a Delta flight, you should have a better idea of how long you’ll be waiting for your checked luggage at baggage claim. The airline has introduced a new tracking system that lets users plug in their luggage tag number for up-to-date tracking info.

Travelers can access the tracking page online at, though it’s not on the homepage so you might want to bookmark the page before you get on the flight.

Some passengers without web access will be able to see this info on kiosks that Delta is rolling out to 18 airports between now and the end of the year.

In addition to tracking the bags for your current itinerary, travelers with delayed bags are able to plug in their file reference number for tracking info.

We haven’t had the chance to try this service yet — We also try to travel light so we don’t have to check bags — but we’d be curious to hear from Delta passengers about whether or not this system provides accurate, real-time tracking information.

Delta allows passengers to track bags [ via Jaunted]

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