FitBit Replaces Gizmo For Free After You Drown It

Daryl killed his FitBit, a device that is essentially a fancy pedometer and sleep tracking gadget, by letting it go through the wash. Normally this would be a time of sadness and woe and would necessitate shelling out for another one. Instead, after contacting customer service, he received some surprise and welcome news.

At first they had him leave the FitBit in rice for a few days – a great way to save electronic items that have been water damaged, btw, as the rice absorbs the moisture and can often get the gadget working again – and then reset it. That fixed it, but then after a few days it didn’t hold a charge.

Daryl got back in touch with FitBit customer service and asked about ordering a new one. “They responded with an email saying they had found my original order and were going to email a replacement device out the next day and could I please confirm my address,” writes Daryl. Huzzah!

“Every email with FitBit was quickly answered and the support staff sounded happy to help at all times,” he says. “I Love FitBit and I’m happy to let others know the awesome service (and good product) they provide.”

Nice one. Also goes to show that squeaky wheel gets the grease. If Daryl had just accepted his fate and given up without talking to the company, there never would have been a chance for him to get a free replacement.

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