Nobody Likes You When You're Being A Bad Airline Customer

Sure, we’ve all gotten annoyed at one time or another while flying, whether it’s over the limited overhead space or the crying baby in the next row. But just because we can get ticked off doesn’t mean customers have the right to be brats. Take a few of these tips to be the best flier you can be, which can lead to a better experience for everyone. talked to those on the other side of the equation, flight attendants and customer services reps, in order to get their take on what makes a good consumer.

A few big ones:
• Don’t be rude and talk on the phone while at the check-in. You wouldn’t like that if someone did it to you. Plus, you slow everyone behind you down if you’re not paying attention.

• Tray tables do not a changing table make — switching out a diaper on a surface where others will use after to eat on is just plain nasty and unhygienic.

• When you get drunk, no one really likes you. Flight attendants reserve the right to cut you off if you’ve had too much. It’s not fun for them to do that, so be considerate and don’t have it come to that.

• We’ve all got somewhere to go, and if you think your destination is more important, explain your case lightly instead of trying to yell your way onto an overbooked flight. Another person might actually have greater need than you.

• Sit down and shut your yap. The plane can’t take off until you do, so if you don’t like your seat, wait until the plane is in the air.

• How many times have you heard flight attendants ask that you not put your jacket in the overhead bin until everyone else has stored their bags? Yeah, don’t be that guy, have some overhead etiquette. If someone can’t fit their bags, they’re going to blame a flight attendant, and that’s not cool.

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