E-Book Sales Get The Jump On Paperbacks For The First Time

Robots are taking over the world and soon we’ll all be slaves to technology! Maybe not, but e-books are finally surpassing sales of traditional hardcovers and paperbacks, according to a new report.

CNN cites a report saying e-book sales reached $90.3 million in February, a gain of 202% from 2010, according to the Association of American Publishers. This is the first time e-books have reached No. 1 among formats, beating out physical, papery books.

However a rep from the AAP did says that net sales data comes from publishers and not retailers, so it doesn’t mean that every title in existence is being sold more electronically, just that maybe things are heading that way.

“It’s not 100%, top to bottom, every single book out there,” said AAP spokeswoman Andi Sporkin. “But it’s a really good snapshot of what’s going on.”

E-book sales top paperbacks for first time in February [CNN]

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