Best Buy To Develop Dedicated Video Game Sales Desks, Clerks

Realizing “video-game” contraptions played by these kids today may be catching on, Best Buy has devised the notion that it might hire and train employees who actually know something about the products to help — and possibly, exploit — customers who buy them.

Gamasutra reports the initiative, announced at a business analysts conference, is meant to help Best Buy capture more of the game sales market, in which it lags behind Walmart and GameStop. The company will press “start” on the plan sometime before February.

Best Buy is implementing the GameStop-like technique of convincing customers to place pre-orders when they come in for purchases, establishing regular customers who will buy games, trade them in, pre-order more and repeat the cycle again and again. Best Buy’s game trade-in credit will be spendable on any product in the store, not just games.

How do you feel about Best Buy a turning part of itself into GameStop Junior?

Best Buy Planning Dedicated Game Sales Clerks, In-Store Gaming Desks [Gamasutra via Kotaku]

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