Don't Fall For These Gas Saving Myths

The economic hardship brought on by gas price increases is a spawning ground for silly, ineffective conventional wisdom on how to cut down on fuel use. It’s important to distinguish between genuine gas-saving maneuvers and moronic wastes of time and effort.

Bargaineering exposes some gas saving myths for you to avoid:

*Pouring additives into your gas tank. Some additives claim to make your car more fuel efficient by doing something such as clean the insides of your car, but research hasn’t supported such claims.

*Wait to fill your tank when the temperature is cooler. According to the author, temperature fluctuations outside don’t make much of a difference in temperatures of underground gas storage containers at stations.

*Keep your car running during brief stops. Whether or not your vehicle is moving, it’s guzzling gas if the engine is running. Turning it off during brief stops helps conserve fuel.

Which gas saving myths aggravate you the most?

Five Gas Saving Myths [Bargaineering]

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