Deciding Whether A House Cleaning Service Is Worth It

It may seem extravagant to hire someone to clean your house, and some frugal people find it all but unthinkable to farm out such a task.

A Parenting Family Money post offers a counterpoint to such thinking. The writer argues that depending on the amount of upkeep your home needs and the amount of disposable income and time you have, it may make economic sense to pay for a cleaning service.

Glen, the writer who works full time and runs two blogs, explains that he’d rather not waste the time and energy it takes to give his house a thorough cleaning on weekends. When he pays to have his house cleaned, he’s buying time to hang out with his family.

If you do the work yourself, how much time do you spend cleaning each week? If you pay someone, how much does it cost you?

Is a House Cleaning Service Worth It? [Parenting Family Money]

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