Annoy Telemarketers Into Leaving You Alone

Larry’s company was deluged with calls from this one telemarketing scam outfit. They tried everything to get rid of the buggers but they wouldn’t quit. So his company decided to annoy them.

Every time the telemarketers would call up, as identified by caller ID, whoever picked up would ask them, “Do you have an employee ID?”

Ring Ring
them: Hello can I speak to John Smith
me: do you have an employee ID
them: no, but can I speak to john smith
me: sorry I need an employee ID

“Every time we got a call from them we asked for an employee ID, it meant nothing, but we would not proceed with the call unless they had that “ID,”” writes Larry. “You can roll your own gatekeeper question, but eventually they got the hint and stopped calling. YAY.”

What fun methods do you use to thwart a telemarketer who won’t quit calling you?

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