Walmart To Turn Shrink Ray On Electronics Department

Even though electronics are a huge business, the devices are getting smaller and the number of people purchasing them from online outlets is growing. Thus, the nation’s biggest retailer has decided to cut the amount of floor space it dedicates to all things electronic.

“It’s still a vibrant category but much smaller items are being sold,” explained Rosalind Brewer, president of Walmart East at a retail industry event on Tuesday.

Reuters reports that analysts expect Big W to trim about 2,000 square-feet per store from its electronics departments. That space won’t just be left bare, but will be filled with the lower-cost goods that Walmart had eschewed to make room for big-screen TVs and video game displays over the last decade.

Unfortunately for many of you, Walmart’s decision to scale back on electronics means there will be fewer TVs for you to eyeball at the store before you go home and buy it off Amazon or Newegg.

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