Borders Revises Store Closing Ad To Make It Less Confusing

We’re delighted to report that Borders sent out a new e-mail blast to customers in markets with closing stores. This flyer is significantly less confusing than last week’s, which sent r Devin on a heroic quest to get the additional 10% discount that the e-mail had promised him.

Last week’s notice, as you may recall, promised the regular 50-70% off liquidation sale prices, then additional 10% off. In smaller, separate print, it mentioned that Rewards Plus members would receive an additional 10% off. Was this an additional additional discount, or were they mentioning the same discount twice? Devin wasn’t the only one who misunderstood.

Here is the revised sale notice, courtesy of reader Jennifer:


Devin’s quest was not in vain, since his and other customers’ confusion has saved other Borders shoppers from the same liquidation-sale disappointment.

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