Worst Company In America Final Four: BP Vs. Comcast

Globs of crude oil are washing up on the shores of Kabletown in this battle to determine which craptastic corporation moves to tomorrow’s Worst Company In America death match!

For reigning WCIA champ Comcast, it’s been a relatively pain-free path to the Final Four. What would have been a mere first-round thrashing of Charter Communications turned into a blood bath when Comcast was caught encouraging its employees, their families and its IT department to cheat. That momentum carried Comcast to an easy win over Best Buy and gave it the power to blow up the AT&T Death Star.

Now, all that stands between Comcast and a chance to be the first repeat Golden Poo winner is a little company that goes by the name BP.

The slicksters from the UK haven’t even broken an oily sweat thus far in the competition, forcing Toyota to recall itself from the competition, blacking-out Time Warner Cable and practicing rescission on WellPoint. We’ve never seen such consistently huge margins of victory in a WCIA tournament — BP has averaged over 80% of the votes in the first three rounds — but the Petrol Pummeler hasn’t faced anything on the scale of Comcast yet.

So can the upstart from the other side of the pond beat that cable company from Philadelphia? Which one deserves to test its mettle one final time in the WCIA Octagon? You decide!

This poll is now closed. Congrats to BP for making it to the finals!

*Bank of America vs. Ticketmaster
*BP vs. Comcast

*Bank of America vs. Walmart
*Ticketmaster vs. Chase
*BP vs. WellPoint
*Comcast vs. AT&T

*Bank of America vs. DirecTV
*Delta vs. Walmart
*Ticketmaster vs. Sony
*Capital One vs. JP Morgan Chase
*BP vs. Time Warner Cable
*WellPoint vs. Johnson & Johnson
*Comcast vs. Best Buy
*AT&T vs. Apple

*Bank Of America Vs. Citi
*Dish Network Vs. DirecTV
*United/Continental Vs. Delta
*Walmart Vs. Gamestop
*Tickemaster Vs. PayPal
*Sony Vs. Dell
*Capital One Vs. American Express
*Wells Fargo Vs. Chase
*Toyota Vs. BP
*Time Warner Cable Vs. Facebook
*United Health Vs. Wellpoint
*CVS Vs. Johnson & Johnson
*Comcast Vs. Charter
*RadioShack Vs. Best Buy
*AT&T Vs. Verizon
*Apple Vs. Microsoft

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