Best Buy Manager: We Didn't Sell You A Defective Blu-Ray Disc, Lionsgate Did

A few months ago, Consumerist reader Dave picked up a few of the “Saw” movies on Blu-Ray while shopping at his local Best Buy in Georgia. And when he finally got around to popping “Saw IV” into his player last month, it wouldn’t play. So, since he still had the receipt it shouldn’t have been a problem to get a replacement disc from Best Buy, right?

Here’s Dave’s version of events:

I go up to the customer service counter and explained my problem. The person I was speaking with says “Well, let’s see what the computer says. Sorry, it says no options.”

I asked to speak to the manager and she said she was the manager. I asked her to test it for me and play in one one of her Blu-ray players. She is gone 15 minutes and comes back with a technician and says yes something is definitely going on there. The technician says he used all his magic and it won’t play.

I said that since you sold me a defective disc the least you could do is exchange. She replied. “We didn’t sell you a bad disc, Lionsgate did. You just bought it here. Contact them.”

All it says on Best Buy’s website regarding exchanges is “To receive an exchange, you must return your purchase to a Best Buy store.” It doesn’t mention anything about passing the buck to the manufacturer.

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