Seattle Mariners Beer Guy Now Taking Orders Over Twitter

After five seasons of scaling the steps of Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners baseball team, selling beers to fans in their seats, one suds vendor is giving customers the chance to notify him directly of their beer needs via Twitter.

“Since the beginning of beer vendors, we’ve been walking up and down the aisles seeing who wants a beer, I’m going to try to change that,” says the beer guy to CNBC. He’ll get the chance to test out his theory at the Mariners’ home opener against the Cleveland Indians on Friday night.

He’s created the Twitter account @msbeervendor so fans can Tweet their location, allowing him to — hopefully — sate their thirst a bit faster.

From CNBC:

[The vendor] says he hopes taking his vending to Twitter will take some of the guesswork out of his game by making his routes more direct. Not only will an ordered beer likely mean a better tip, but he also says that fans with smartphones, who are on Twitter during the game, are more likely to have more wealth and therefore have more money to spend.

He says he’ll still be making his usual rounds at the stadium but will check his Twitter account, which as of this writing, had around 400 followers, every few aisles.

Beer Vendor Taking Orders From Fans On Twitter [CNBC]

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