Ways In Which Nintendo Needs To Improve The 3DS

Nintendo’s 3DS, which provides glasses-free 3D images, came out last weekend, and fan reaction has been a mixture of elation and grumbling. Just about every review knocked the handheld’s battery life, which can max out at just over three hours of constant, full-feature use.

Destructoid spotted a host of other problems that Nintendo can presumably snuff out with firmware updates and online support.

Here are a few of demands made in the post:

*Let friends better connect to one other. The current friend system only lets people see when their buddies are online, what game they most recently played and a miniscule status update. An Xbox Live-style game invite setup and messaging system would be welcome.

*A game suspension feature that actually lets you suspend games. If you exit out of a game, you have to abandon progress if you want to use any other app. This pretty much makes the feature worthless as it currently stands.

*Account integration. Friends lists should span to Wii systems, and Nintendo should let you access downloaded titles on both systems, as Sony lets you do with classic PlayStation games on the PS3 and PSP, as well as downloaded video content.

Improvements are already in store for the system, including Netflix streaming ability and automatic, free connectivity with AT&T WiFi Hot Spots.

I’ve been messing around with the 3Ds and although I love the system, I agree with all of Destructoid’s gripes, and think Nintendo needs to add a 3D movie-rental/purchasing service as well.

What improvements would you like to see in the system?

Eight realistic things that the 3DS needs [Destructoid]

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