Tips To Stop Yourself From Gambling

No matter how successful they are at making money, compulsive gamblers can lose it all and more if they succumb to their addictions. HealthGuidance offers advice on how to curtail the impulse to risk it all.

Among the tips:

*Don’t go it alone. Admit to yourself, family and friends that you have a problem, and enlist their support to help you stop gambling.

*Entrust access to your funds to someone who will refuse to let you gamble. If you can’t get your hands on cash, you can’t lose it. Also, take away access to gambling outlets, such as credit cards or online gambling accounts.

*Change your lifestyle. Stay away from places that encourage gambling and be prepared to cut off relationships with those who encourage your destructive behavior.

If you’ve gambled compulsively or known someone who did, how was the problem addressed?

How to Stop Stop Gambling [HealthGuidance]

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