ID Thief Mars Victim's Record With DUI

Another thing that can suck about having your identity stolen is that the crook can rack up crimes in your name. That’s what happened to one University of Georgia student who opened up the campus paper to find his name underneath the mug shot of another young man for a DUI, reports Red And Black.

He had had his wallet stolen a couple of months prior and now his ID turned up in the hands of this scofflaw. The University has already sent the victim a student conduct notification and he was worried about future employees seeing the charge during background checks.

Luckily after the story broke in the same paper that had accidentally misidentified the perp, police got on the case and tracked the real kid down and arrested him. Police are working to clean up the victim’s mistakenly tainted record.

The victim had not reported his license stolen after he lost it, which opened him up to further victimization. Be sure to quickly cancel all IDs and credit cards that were inside when you know your wallet or purse is gone for good.

Man accused of impersonating UGA student booked in ACC jail [Red And Black] (Thanks to Bill!)

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