American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing Because Of Multiple Sick Passengers

Earlier today, an American Airlines flight en route to Chicago was forced to make an emergency landing at Dayton International Airport after several passengers and flight attendants complained of feeling ill.

From the Dayton Daily News:

At least four passengers fainted aboard the flight from Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Va., to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Oxygen masks were deployed, and the plane diverted to land at the Dayton airport.

Additionally, the flight attendants complained of feeling dizzy. They were the ones who asked the flight crew to deploy the oxygen masks.

“Halfway through the flight, the woman in the row behind us … we thought she had a seizure,” one of the passengers told the Dayton Daily. “I didn’t smell anything… Other passengers were complaining about being light-headed … Five minutes later, they were announcing they were going to drop the masks.”

Pilots — whose names we’re going to imagine are Clarence Oveur and Roger Murdock — told airport officials they believed the problem to be related to the plane’s air system.

The passengers were met by medical personnel at the Dayton airport. One flight attendant and two passengers were taken to the hospital.

Plane with sick passengers makes emergency landing in Dayton [Dayton Daily News]

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