Chrysler Fires Social Media Firm After Tweeting F-Bomb

Chrysler “will not renew” the contract of the social media firm whose employee sent out a cranky tweet ragging on Detroit drivers and using the f-word, AdAge reports. Why didn’t they just make fun of it? Perhaps give out a coupon code for discounts on driving lessons for Detroit motorists? Because that would denigrate the serious hard work Detroit residents and the car industry in general have been putting into rebuilding, said Chrysler’s Manager of Electronic Communications, Ed Garsten, on their blog:

So why were we so sensitive? That commercial featuring the Chrysler 200, Eminem and the City of Detroit wasn’t just an act of salesmanship. This company is committed to promoting Detroit and its hard-working people. The reaction to that commercial, the catchphrase “imported from Detroit,” and the overall positive messages it sent has been volcanic.

Indeed, as an automaker that went through the roughest of times just two years ago, we appreciate the challenges Detroit faces in reclaiming its place as a vibrant, world-class city. Inside Detroit, citizens are becoming even more proud of their town, and outside the region, perception of Detroit is rapidly improving.

With so much goodwill built up over a very short time, we can’t afford to backslide now and jeopardize this progress.

We need to keep the momentum going — rebuilding a region and an industry, and not let anything slow us down. It’s what we do.

Clearly, they’re “taking it seriously.”

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