Baby Formula Is A Prized Item For Shoplifting Rings, Drug Smugglers

Raise your hand if you’re surprised to hear that baby formula is a popular choice of not only shoplifting rings, but drug smugglers who use it to cut heroin and cocaine. Yes, we’re shocked, too!

According to USA Today, politicians and retailers are very concerned about the theft of formula. It’s popular with shoplifting rings, which then resell it, because it’s usually expensive and is always in demand by consumers. But those who purchase the lifted product face many dangers, as it often stored incorrectly after being stolen or sold past its expiration date.

Another nefarious reason for stealing formula, beyond selling it to actually feed babies, is its use for mixing cocaine and heroin.

Politicians in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Minnesota and West Virginia have all announced legislation recently, in an attempt to halt the organized theft of medical items. Currently, some stores lock up formula to keep it from being boosted.

A few examples of shoplifting rings include one that was busted for allegedly selling $135,000 worth of formula in Union City, N.J. in January; a group in Jefferson County, Colo. which pleaded guilty to stealing over $20,000 of formula; and a Kentucky couple who were found with $4,000 in stolen formula.

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