HTC Apologizes To Reader For Failure Of Remote-Locking System

Yesterday, we brought you the story of a reader who thought she’d successfully activated the remote lock on her new HTC phone after it was stolen only to find out the system didn’t work because it’s too popular. And within minutes of the story going up on Consumerist, she received not one but two separate calls from HTC seeking to atone for the error.

Updates Mary:

I spoke with the product manager for North America, who apologized profusely, and called the email I was sent in response to my original complaint “inappropriate.” He did say they’ve been having problems with the Beta HTCSense site in that it wasn’t locking anyone’s phones, and would be deploying teams to work on the issue of the phone not locking. Just to be clear — I really really like the HTC Inspire, which is one reason I was so bummed it was stolen. Now they just need to get their site in order and all will be well. In the meantime, I’ll look into other remote locking systems.

Which third-party remote-locking apps would you recommend?

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