If You're Being Robbed, It's Nice To Have A UFC Fighter Nearby

The wince-inducing physical punishment of mixed martial arts can be used for crime prevention as well as entertainment. In the hours leading up to a championship bout in New Jersey, a meditating MMA fighter spotted a robbery in progress and — along with two of his trainers — chased down and subdued the alleged perpetrator.

Yahoo reports the UFC guys spotted a man breaking into a car, then yelled at him and gave him the pay-per-view octagon treatment. The fighter, no doubt heeding time-tested Cobra Kai advice to “sweep the leg,” took the man down with a foot sweep. The trainers checked the man for weapons and helped hold him in place until police arrived.

What’s the most dramatic thievery thwarting you’ve witnessed?

Hours before the biggest fight of his life, Jones subdues a robber [Yahoo via NJ.com]

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