Even Best Buy Employees Hate Best Buy Employees

Turns out that even some Best Buy employees can’t put up with other blue and black shirts at their store. Recently my wife and I were in a Best Buy to procure a last-minute rechargeable battery for my wife’s Flip camera. It was suitably impromptu as it was to tape an improv show. Anywho, we wanted to make sure the battery pack we found on the shelf was compatible with the generation of device we had and after bouncing around from employee to employee we were eventually directed to a fellow in the camera department who seemed out of place.

Throughout the whole transaction he was gregarious and knowledgeable and was game for helping us. When we asked if we could try the battery in the camera first just to be sure it worked, he was cool with that. He made a few jokes here and there and made light of how slow the computer system was.

After completing the transaction, my wife said to him, “You know, you are probably the friendliest and nicest Best Buy employee we have ever encountered.”

He chuckled and nodded his head. He said, “I know, sometimes even I am trying to talk to one of them and some of those guys, after a while of not getting through to them, I myself have to ask, is there a manager I can speak to?”

Guess even some of the blue shirts can’t stand some of the other slackjacked and lackluster blue shirts on the floor!

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