BofA Comes To Trash Out House After It's Sold

Bank of America is apologizing after a frustrated realtor took her venting to YouTube in a dramatic recounting, reports the Charlotte Observer. The realtor was representing a seller who was selling house through short sale. The realtor found a buyer, the seller was happy, and supposedly, the bank was happy. A week later when the new homeowners were moving in, a “trash out” crew rolled up in a truck with tinted windows, sporting black tshirts with an image of a gun on the front and the word “agent” on their backs. They were there to throw everything in the house out and change the locks.

Luckily they agreed to leave after the folks explained they were the new homeowners and it wasn’t a foreclosure. When the realtor called her bank contacts to complain, she was told they “weren’t surprised” at what had happened. When she asked if people buying short sales and foreclosures should hire security guards to protect their properties, the bank representative agreed that that would be a good idea.

After taking her story to YouTube, Bank of America reached out to the realtor and apologized for what happened.

Realtor gets BofA’s attention on YouTube [Charlotte Observer] (Thanks to Matt!)

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