The $2,300 Tank Of Gas

A man’s eyes popped out his head and went “Awoooga!” when they saw his receipt for pumping 13 gallons of gas: $2297.84! Since he paid with his debit card, that meant real money was immediately drained from his bank account, causing a $1,300 overdraft. At first the gas station manager just shrugged his shoulders and blamed the bank, but he changed his tune after news reporters walked in asking questions about the receipts.

Now they say they’re going to make good and refund the man his money. They say they have no idea how the error occurred, or why the receipt said he had pumped 3,740 gallons of gas when he only put in 13.

Sounds like a case for Weights and Measures!

Man Charged $2,300 For A Tank Of Gas:

Man Charged $2,300 For A Tank Of Gas [MyFoxLA]

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