Disney CEO Declares DVDs Are Not Dead, They're Just Ignored

Interviewed on Charlie Rose, Disney CEO Bob Iger addressed the decline of one of the company’s former cash cows. The days of people collecting DVDs like baseball cards have apparently passed, but there’s still a little life left in the market, he says.

Home Media Magazine reports Iger, who said DVD sales were down 15 percent year-over-year across the industry, are still popular and worthwhile, but people seem to be too busy to buy them as much as they used to.

He said:

“People are still buying [discs]. … They’re just not buying as many of them. And the primary reason, I would argue, is that they have other things to do.”

Those “other things” are likely downloading movies — legally and otherwise — and streaming them.

Iger didn’t seem too optimistic that retail alternatives such as Blu-ray will fill the DVD void:

“Whether the [retail] whole will ultimately get larger than what it was when we were just selling DVDs, I don’t know. You are still facing a more competitive world.”

If you’re a lapsed DVD maven, when and why did you stop buying movies on disc?

Iger: DVD Is Not ‘Dead’ [Home Media Magazine]

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