Man Gets Pick Of Hyundais After Threatening To Write "LEMON" On His Rear Window

Michael leased a 2010 Hyundai Genesis and found that none of the buttons on the steering wheel worked. No horn, no cruise control, no radio volume. It’s been in and out of the shop several times for steering wheel issues. When he called up the regional office to complain they seemed to take his issue a little more seriously after he said he was planning to get a windshield marker and write that he got a $40,000 lemon from Hyundai. Now he’s getting to pick a new Hyundai of his choice. Here’s the timeline:

Michael writes:

Feb 23

I leased a 2010 Hyundai Genesis late last year ( I only have 7800 miles on it… brand new by Texas standards… ), and it’s been in the shop for steering wheel issues more than a few times. Allow me to enumerate…

1) Steering wheel stopped raising properly. Told that insulation was the problem, and that it was fixed. Sure enough, it worked. Happiness is.

2) Steering wheel stopped raising completely again. Told a switch needed to be replaced. Part ordered.

3) Steering wheel started to scale and peel. Steering wheel replaced.

4) While driving away, I discovered the wrong steering wheel was installed. Drove back, pointed out the problem. New steering wheel ordered.

5) Steering wheel replaced.

6) Switch installed, problem still there.

7) GPS is out of date, cannot get an update disc, only available from the dealer, who doesn’t have it. Really needed it, as I was going on a road trip…

8) Took car to a dealer in Florida to get the tires filled with nitrogen. Asked about the steering wheel & GPS disc. Told the steering wheel is operating properly ( not… ) and no disc there either.

9) New steering column ordered by home dealer. 3 week wait for it to come in.

10) Contacted Hyundai Customer Service to complain, passed on to Regional
office in Dallas.

11) Received a call from the Regional office, very nice rep said she would set an appointment up for me, and a loaner would be available. She said
she’d monitor the repair. So far, so good.

12) Took car in for service… received a POS loaner… 2011 Elantra Touring Edition. Rode like it had no shocks/struts/suspension. Unreal. AND… no gas in the tank when I got it! WTF??

13) Car fixed in 6 hours, told there was a problem, however… the airbag light is on, and they need to order a new airbag.

14) When I drove away, I tried to adjust the volume on the radio via the button on the steering wheel. Surprise! 99% of the functions on the left side of the steering wheel are dead. Went back to the service bay, and was told that the problem was with the airbag. I explained the airbag was working fine when I brought the car in. I also explained that I felt there was a damaged wire or wires, causing all the problems. Service adviser seemed nervous, which led me to believe I was right.

15) Called the Regional office again. Left a voice mail, and got a call back… I was asked for 24 hours, so that the supervisor could be notified of the situation. She was en route to Mexico, so I can understand the delay. I explained that I was going to get a windshield marker and write on the back window that I got a $40,000 lemon from Hyundai. this made the rep a little worried, and she asked again for 24 hours max. I agreed, as she is
really trying to help me out here.

Feb 24


NO call, so I had to call myself. The supervisor hasn’t returned calls, she’s in New Mexico working with some dealers there. I was told that a decision will be made by Monday afternoon, and that I would be very happy with Hyundai. We’ll see…

Feb 28

New update!

Hyundai is going to be replacing my Genesis with a new one of my choice. It may take a month for it to happen, so I’m working to get either a loaner or a rental from them, as nothing on the steering wheel works… no horn, no cruise control, nothing. Jeez… But at least, I’m getting it swapped out, so that’s a good thing…

Nice! That’s good ol’ Lemon Law for you. Most of the time, if an item has had the same part repaired more than three times by the manufacturer, the consumer is entitled to exchange the device for a brand new working one. Threatening to write “LEMON” on the back was just the garnish on this glass of whoopass.

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