Certified And Notarized Letter Gets Heat Turned Back On After 5 Days

Davya says that after showing her landlords she meant business with a notarized and certified letter, she finally got the heat in her apartment turned back after 5 days of no heat.

Davya writes:

On the day they received the notarized, certified letter I sent them, they finally responded to us. The next morning a technician was there. He was surprised when he saw the heater, and said the electrician had only neglected to reconnect two of the wires inside the heater.

We notified the management company we would not be continuing our lease because of this and other problems with the building. And that’s pretty much the end of the story. Now we have heat, still a questionable electric situation, though nothing has melted or smoked since the weekend. I am still going to try to get HPD to inspect, because I really believe this place will be unsafe for whoever moves in after us.

I just wanted to thank you so much for posting my story (twice!) the comments I got from other readers were really helpful.

Now we just have to find a new apartment!! Know a good real estate agent?? hehe. Thanks again.

It’s a good thing they got the heat turned back on when they day. Temps dropped to 20 degrees last night in Midtown, plus wind.

Sad that it took that much effort, but sometimes showing them that you’re serious about creating a well-documented paper trail can be enough to spur them into action.

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