Man Claims He Found Maggots In McDonald's Big Mac

A McDonald’s customer in Melbourne, Australia, claims he got a most unwelcome add-on to his Big Mac: maggots.

“It is just disgusting – the only reason I looked in my burger was to make sure the extra pickles were there and I was all like, there’s maggots in my burger,” the man, who claims there were 20 to 30 maggots crawling around on the Big Mac.

He says he took it back to McDonald’s and was laughed out of the eatery. “I just wanted a refund, that’s it.” He also spoke to the police and was told they couldn’t do anything about it.

McDonald’s has asked for the burger back so it can have tests done to verify the customer’s claim. “When we receive the product we will provide it to the University of Wollongong laboratories for testing,” a rep for the chain told the Herald Sun. The tests could take up to a month.

The customer, who hasn’t decided whether to give the Big Mac back to the Golden Arches, says he just wants an apology and a refund for his burger.

Melbourne man claims he found maggots in McDonald’s burger
[Herald Sun]

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