Man Sues Strip Club, Claiming Dancer Broke His Teeth With Flying Shoe

If one day strip clubs start to offer patrons mouthguards, or have dancers wear bunny slippers rather than stilettos, you might be able to trace it back to a lawsuit filed in Indiana, in which a man says he got his teeth kicked in by a projectile flung from a high-kicking dancer.

According to AOL News, the dancer’s shoe flew off during a performance, sailed 20 feet and damaged four of the alleged victim’s teeth. The man had to get them capped and may need a root canal.

Says the man’s attorney:

“As bizarre as it is, the strip club had a duty to protect its customers and it did not do that. [They] need to make sure people are wearing the right kind of clothes and [that those clothes] are not flying off.”

Strip Club Patron Says Exotic Dancer’s Shoe Chipped His Teeth [AOL News]

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