Woman Bites Into Razor In Walmart Brand Ice Cream

A woman has cut her lip on a razor that was at the bottom of her cup of Walmart brand Peanut Butter Stars. When she called to complain, the customer service rep told her, “I’m sorry, I hope your day gets better.”

“I got to the bottom, and there’s normally a chocolate layer here. I went to get a spoonful of it and I bit into it, and something sharp cut the inside of my lip,” Stephanie told KLTV.

A Walmart spokesperson told KLTV that “We take these matters very seriously, and are conducting a full investigation.”

If you find a foreign object in your food, you should report it to the place you bought it from as well as the local health department.

Woman finds unwelcome surprise in her ice cream [KLTV] (Thanks to Harper!)

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