Sorry, Oreo, Lil Wayne Is More Facebook Famous Than You

Lil Wayne isn’t so little when it comes to Facebook like-age. The rapper took the Guinness World Record for Facebook “likes” in a 24-hour span with this uninspiring, yet resoundingly effective solicitation:

“everyone, please “Like” this post. I’m trying to break the Guinness World Record for most “Likes” on a post in 24 hours. Let’s get it!!!”

Racking up well over 600,000 “likes” and counting — he broke the record at the 24-hour cutoff with 588,242 thumbs-up — Lil Wayne dunked Oreo, which held the previous record at more than 114,000. Oreo’s “likes” have since increased by a few thousand, but Lil Wayne continues to widen he gap. So the crown is his, at least until Ashton Kutcher takes a swing at the title.

Lil Wayne Crushes Oreo for Most Facebook Likes World Record [AOL]

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